Ramps Derp


Ramps Derp is a game made by Alex Robinson and Kristopher Windsor. It was developed in Spring 2011 for the SJSU Game Dev Club. The game is written in C++ using OpenGL (3D), Glut (windowing), Box2D (physics), and FMOD (sound). Source code is available upon request.


The goal of this game is to maximize score by helping the ball to pass over obstacles before time runs out. Accumulating extra time (by passing obstacles) and collecting speed bonuses will improve score. The ball spins intrinsically, and the player helps it by dropping ramps. The player can adjust the height and position of the ramp and drop it at any time.


Ramps Derp is freeware available for Windows. A decent graphics card may be required. To run the game, you will first need to install the Microsoft Redistributable Package.
Download now: Zip | Installer


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
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